Sex and Relationships Education, Personal, Social and Health Education, Educational Resources and Training
Desmond & Daisy, standing, sitting or in wheelchair; and Wendy
Anatomically correct models for teaching children and young adults with learning and physical disabilities about the human body, sexual issues and relationships.
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Desmond & Daisy, standing, sitting or in wheelchair; and Wendy
Chance to Choose
Picture Yourself, 1 & 2
Periods—a Practical Guide
Condom Cards
SHARE Special
Songs for Your Body
Sexual Knowledge and Behaviour
SRE and Learning Disability
Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for People with Learning Disabilities
Resources and Training
What do I do about a boy who masturbates in public?
How do I stop one of our girl students from stripping off?
We’ve a boy who keeps touching women on the breasts. What should I do?
How do I prepare Lizzy for her periods? She screams when she sees blood!
To help educators deal with questions such as those on the left, Hilary Dixon of Me-and-Us and Revd Jane Fraser of BodySense can support you to set up programmes of sex education for people with learning disabilities.
Resources to help you teach about sensitive issues and appropriate sexual behaviour and encourage young people to be aware of their developing bodies, including menstruation. Click on an item in the list on the right.
Advice on setting up training courses that clarify the law and good practice, provide opportunities to consider sensitive issues and appropriate behaviours, consider the impact of abuse and of bereavement, and explore and review curriculum materials.
Consultancy on handling difficult issues.
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